"The Biggest Loser" - HNLI Roundtable

Hockey Night on Long Island's Blog Talk Radio show on Saturday afternoon will feature a roundtable discussion of the bottom dwellers of the league and this summer's NHL Draft.  The Isles themselves will have plenty of representation while the Colorado Avalanche and your Tampa Bay Lightning will also have a presence during the show.

Our own Cassie McClellan will be on the program, representing the Lightning and talking about the race to last place and Saturday's Stink at the Rink between the Bolts and the Isles at Nassau Colosseum.

Like always, we encourage our listeners to call, IM, and join us in the HNLI chatroom for the best banter around. Don't miss what is set to be an entertaining hour of hockey chatter.

This is a great opportunity to get questions and answers along with some witty banter.  Everything gets underway at 3:30 PM.  Click on the link below to be taken to the Hockey Night In Long Island radiocast on BlogTalkLive.

Listen to Hockey Night on Long Island on BlogTalkRadio talk radio