The continuing Loco-comotion of the Buccaneers

All aboard on the sinking ship....

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers successful got Brian Griese back under a long term contract - even though they have Chris Simms waiting in the wings. And much like last year during the off season, Jon Gruden is looking for an arms race in Tampa.

Gruden has asked his sychophant in the front office, General Manager Bruce Allen, to chase after any and all free agent Quarterbacks. The Buccaneers Salary Cap situation is attrocious, and yet they are chasing Jef Garcia and possibly Jay Fiedler? Aliki Smith has been signed? And at what cost ultimately? Derrick Brooks? Simeon Rice? Greg Spiers? Mike Alstott? Alstott has stated he will restructure in order to remain a Buccaneer but I have seen his release forthcomign since last offseason.... just because Gruden loves Dynamics - not slam-mouth football.

So the Bucs have locked up a QB and have yet to release Brad Johnson, they are over the salary cap and have yet to make moves to get themselves under.... The team has a standard draft of picks this year - instead of having traded them all off.... Yet with Gruden's desire for geritol talent, the draft means nothing to this team.

Davy Jones, prepare to have company once again... The Bucs are on the fast track to get back to the mockery they once were.