The Desperate Dreaming of Les Habs

A couple of Days ago, NHL Gong Show took a jab at the Toronto Maple Leaf fans because of some speculation coming from the fanbase over the impending free agent fallout

Well, I can tell you that the Leafs ain't got crap on Montreal Canadien fans when it comes to Vincent Lecavalier.

Since his drafting in 1998 I have heard massive amounts of variations of rumors coming from Les Habitant fans who want their native francophone back in town.... Every friggin' year there is another rumor of a trade, another speculation... Another wishful plea that the laws of physics will suddenly change so that the Canadiens can have the local boy wearing the Red white and blue.

And of course this year, Vinny's own words have set off an avalanche of the desperate fantasy of Les Habs... Witness just one Montreal fan (posting on the Tampa Bay Lightning Usenet Newsgroup) and his blissful arrogance:

several reports such as team 990, and hockeytrade rumors have statd
that tb's goalie niko, is leaving, and tb will deal vinny to the habs
for the newly drafted goalie carey price.....

This rumor is buzzing like crazy. If Tampa cant get rid of St.Louis,
Vinny could be in the Red White and Blue before the end of the Week.
Vinny likes it in Tampa just fine, but has a desire to play for Mtl.
Supposidly Tampa is asking for Price, Ryder and KOMI.

its said that gainey was instructed to select price, in order to trade
him, ryder and komi. its team 990, go to and listen for

Every friggin' year... Every year they send out rumors that are more and more off the wall. Every year they make less and less sense. It's a habit up there. Is something in the water? Is it the mayo on the hamburgers? Is it the fact the once glorious franchise has lost it's former luster?

Between the fans and the media - it's pathetically hysterical to watch this over and over again... And annoying as well.