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The Fix is In!!

Mike Chen talks two aspects of the draft that have come to light – the lack of the Draft Lottery being televised and the fact the Draft may not be the bland spectacle of old for at least this off season:

Do you think they want Gary Bettman announcing “The first pick goes to…” while several thousand die-hard (and possibly drunk) fans scream obscenities at him? Remember Chris Chelios’ assertion that a crazy fan might try to do bodily harm to Bettman during the 94 lockout? Putting Bettman in such a visible public spot so soon after the end of the lockout might motivate alcohol-fueled morons to try and do something harmful, or at the very least, humiliating.Now, I agree with the fact having a grand spectacle with a reviled man announcing in front of a public crowd would be a bad PR move… I do want to voice my opinion that Chris Chelios is a party line assclown who has been Anti-Bettman and pro Union for the life of him… So while I disagree with the Chelios reference, I agree with the ill-tact of a public draft.

The non-televising of the NHL draft lottery just adds fuel to the fire who will secure the Number 1 draft pick and where Mr. S. Crosby will be headed.

EDIT: Looks like the NHL is having a change of heart – so sayeth TSN.ca. Friday at 4 P.M (what, no primetime?) is the allotted hour.

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