"The little Team that could" -- correction, little TEAMS

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"We know what we're up against. We're the
underdog, we've said that. I am not saying it now to make a point, but it's dead-on true.

"We're the little team that wasn't supposed to be here, and a lot of people don't want us to be here and to make sure that we're not successful. We know that."
You thijnk you're the only case, Darryl? Yes, the Flames have a lot of adversity and a lot of anger after game 4, but please don't label yourselves at the only team in these finals that the League office didn't want in the Stanley Cup final.

The Bolts have been conviently painted as the pansies each series they have been in, and it's been widely circulated we're half of who the League never wanted to see in the final unless there was a big name against us.

So now the League has to pick the lesser of two evils and if youw ant to give a big "fuck you" to league execs for finding either team "evil", you've got my full support.... But please don't paint it like you're the only team the didn't want in the finals.

If the league is indeed "helping" the Lightning win the cup just because, say, we're an American team... Then yes, there's a big problem. But then again. there's a big problem if the league tried to keep us down throughout the playoffs just because we're in a non-traditional market. You can't say that for Calgary...

Tampa nd Calgary are wunderkinds -- it's not just Calgary. No one saw either team making it this far and you know what? Screw the guys who have a problem with it.

The league needs a wake up call and instead of bitching about the series outcome, we should be bitching about how this wakeup call hasn't been deleivered with the Pass the Friggin' Torch Tour -- aka this Stanley Cup matchup.