The Logo

A couple of years ago, when the Lightning were stumbling through mediocrity (oh how the times have changed :wink) there were reports every so often about the Lightning seeking a new logo because the team crest wasn't an item that could really be used as a marketable item.

The search started under the ownership tenure of Art Williams (see some concepts from the St. Petersburg Times during that era)....

conceptual logo drawings from the St. Petersburg Times circa 1999

....and was picked up by the Palace Sports crew after they took over a year later. There was actually a logo that the Lightning were going to use as an alternate logo during their 10th anniversary season (if it was to be on an alternate jersey or a main jersey remains to be seen) but the logo was rejected. It was trademarked however and stumbled upon by guys on a logo forum.

It was also reported in Sports Business Journal that the Lightning, under the Palace Sports tenure, had been looking at logos "....featuring palm trees and other Florida themes."

Personally I thinkt he Lightnign are fine with the crest logo. Some feel that it's old school and what not... Personally I would not mind an alternate logo or just an alternate jersey. Nothing complex -- change the main jersey color to blue with black and white highlights and run the lightning bolt alone on the jersey -- from shoulder to hem. The team coudl use something fresh like that if only for additionl revenue from merchandise sales.

I was also wondering what other people think - from anywhere int he league? Do the Lightning need a fresh logo or a change to their jersey or are they really set the way they are? And do you have a concept in mind? Do you have that artist talent to produce a new logo? If anyone woudl like to send me their concpet, I'd be happy to post it on here and see what others think.