"The Media will be the bane of the Tampa Bay Lightning"

I'm only posting this story because of a personal twist on it.

While conversing on the Lightning usenet newsgroup, a Canadien fan / troll poster predicted the Habs would slaughter the Lightning and part of the reason was becasue the Lightning would experience the Montreal media and it would be like nothing they had experienced before.

Yeah... Even though we have a roster full of veterans, 3 frano-phones from Quebec, etc, etc... The Lightning would have never experienced the media or a media rush.

Well, with this next story (and I could have added the previous story which talked aobut a near fight breaking out over camera position on Vinny), I can see why someone would say the Media would play a part in taking apart the Lightning. The bad news is - it hasn't happened.

Lightning: Slapshots

The starting time for Game 5 has been changed to 7 p.m. ... The best fight of the postseason took place Tuesday, but not on the ice. Two reporters, one from TV and another from radio, fought in the Montreal dressing room after the game while trying to gain position for interviews. According to eyewitness accounts, the scuffle lasted nearly a minute and was broken up by other reporters. ... The Lightning is 6-0 in these playoffs when it scores first.