The National Holiday

Today is an unofficial national holiday here in the United States...

It's the last Sunday that a majority of the male populace in this country can be excused to slip into a cro-magnon state while watching a dual-sided offensive war -- one to score and one to gain control -- with a weird shaped ball. The Europeans call it gridiron, the Spanish speaking populace call it futbol norte Americano... Spouses tend to call it a pain in the ass and consider it the last throes of a disease that their husbands/boyfriends have suffered from since September (or August if said husbands can even get obsessive during pre-season games... and don't even tip me off about training camp).

It's Super Bowl Sunday...

Now covered in marketing (prospective future blockbuster movie previews! Chic marketing campaigns! Entertainment! Overdone pre and post game broadcasts! Odd competing events!) the Super Bowl has come a long way from it's humble beginings as the NFL/AFL Title game. The league is expecting over 1 billion viewers worldwide, ABC is bracing for the FCC, and the fans? Well the fans are about to see only their second Super Bowl in the past five years not to feature the New England Patriots.

Don't even think to order food via delievery for or during the game tomorrow - it'll be hours late.

It's a tradition! It's a holiday! It's god-damned overdone! It's Super Bowl Sunday! The last major milestone between New Years and Spring Training! :-p