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The running joke continues

The Tampa Bay Lightning have fired head coach Barry Melrose; Associate Coach Rick Tocchet has been elevated to interim head coach.Is there anyone, anyone at all, at OK Hockey interested in stability? Cohesion? I can understand a sense of urgency, but when urgency and immediate dividends are all that’s looked upon with a sports franchise… well, it becomes just a fantasy-sports-franchise, playing in reality.

Dan Boyle? Given a big contract and long term commitment last spring. Traded for Carle and more last summer…
Carle? Trade for spare parts.
Tortorella? Fired in favor of Melrose and his old school style (and mullet).
Melrose? Fired two months into his return to NHL coaching. 2 months that were preceded by a short and volatile training camp that took place on two continents and in an extremely short duration.

People have joked about the idea of Melrose being the new head coach when the rumors started swirling last spring. So maybe this should be looked at as the correction of a mistake. But honestly, it looks more like a continuing guessing game at Times Palace… Where no one is sure of the next move; what it should be and what it should bring

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