The Silence of things

I don't know about you, but I am getting rather sick of the silence from local media with regards to the team.

The St. Pete Times just gives a complimentary article that talks about where the Stanley Cup was this week and with whom. Though sometimes there are interesting stories with that (Phil Esposito spending a day with the Cup) it's not really dealing with the issues of the franchise or the issues of the CBA or anything else.

Oh, and there was an interesting article on Brad Richards parents.... Beat writer Damian Cristordero spent a morning with Brad's parents off the cost of Prince Edward Island... But besides that from the Times, and some daily coverage of the AP wire -- there's nothing much going on with regards to covering the team.

But of course, it could be worse... much worse... Like the Tampa Tribune worse. The last article on the Lightning that was published was on July 2nd with regards to Jassen Cullimore's preference to stay with the Lightning. I don't expect much better coverage from the home of Good-Ole-Boy sports reporting...

For this hockey fan, the silence is deafening. I'm not buying into the Devil Rays, I'm not salivating over the Tampa Bay Correctional Facility Football Team... er, the Buccaneers... I'm eager to see hockey again and hear hockey... This is the Hot Stove time in pro-sports that is supposed to cover every facet of the game and instead...? Silence.