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Announcement: A new commenting system is coming to Raw Charge

Coming Thursday, comments will look different.

Raw Charge Secret Santa 2018: Highlighting Achariya, the Queen

Achariya is the soul of Raw Charge.

Raw Charge Secret Santa 2018: Highlighting Justin Godfrey

It’s Justin’s turn to be highlighted in this summer’s Raw Charge Secret Santa!

Secret Santa 2018: Alan has some huge shoes to fill, but he’s up for the challenge

It’s Alan’s turn to be highlight in our 2018 Secret Santa.

Raw Charge Secret Santa 2018: Highlighting Igor Nikonov

Igor is the (super)man behind most of Raw Charge’s Russian and Czech content.

Raw Charge Secret Santa 2018: Hardev highlights Geo

Hardev dishes on what Geo has meant to him and to Raw Charge!

Hello from your Raw Charge Interim Site Manager

loserpoints will be the Interim Site Manager.

Johnny Fonts steps back at Raw Charge

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make." -- The Beatles, "The End", Abbey Road, 1969

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Raw Charge shirts discussion

Looking to talk with the community / fans about our custom tshirts.

"Tampacuse Est. 2012" tshirt

The stately version of the Tampacuse phrase on a t-shirt design from Gameday Depot.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Bolts!

"'You'll be The Bolts, with a tee,' said a man, in type, online. And that we was..."

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Introduce yourself to Raw Charge

It's a community thing, people. Stop by, say hi, share some dirt on who you are.

We're looking for staff additions

Raw Charge can always use more contributors to daily content.

Blog anniversary and the Deke the Deuce campaign

As a long time blogging voice, I turn off hockey a bit to mark the occasion.

Some of the best of Raw Charge in 2015

A fraction of reading selected for this annual post. Suggest your own favorite reads from 2015 on Raw Charge in comments.

Attention holiday shoppers...

Tis the season for a last minute promotion to guarantee custom t-shirts and apparel arrive on time.

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What do you think was "Best of" the site in 2015?

Looking for submissions - be it game previews, recaps, feature content, stats - from fans on what people thought was BEST of Raw Charge in 2015.

Featured Fanshot

"ofCorsi - The Most Basic Stat of Hockey"... and on a t-shirt

OfCorsi - the most basic stat in Hockey

You'll find this analysis the one most often used within the sport among the majority of fans in the NHL and other leagues.

Poll / Survey -- Name this group!

We had a bunch of input last week about a section name on RC. Now we'd like some voting on the subject to get a clear opinion from readers.

Last day to vote! Best of the Bay 2015

The 2015 Best of the Bay readers survey features several ties to the Bolts organization... Oh, and to Raw Charge as well.

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Discussion - a Raw Charge subsection name

"What's in a name"? Your input, if you'd please... That's what we want in a name at the moment because we'd like to figure it out.

So long

Lots of people to thank, but think of this as "see you later" rather than "goodbye".

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Off topic: You didn't ask for this

Just explaining a GIF.

Raw Charge on Google+

Use Google's social networking platform? Add Raw Charge to your circles for updates.

The TKO Trio - a knock-out line combo

John Coope rand the press might call them the "Triplets",but Raw Charge and the fans prefer a more potent moniker.

The best of Raw Charge 2014

Highlighting some of our top content from the past year, "Best" reflects on some of the top stories

Featured Fanshot

"Own The Board" Ben Bishop T-Shirt now available in the Raw Charge Store

A new shirt offering inspired by Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop is now available in the Raw Charge Store. Bishop is a key piece on the Bolts chess board and... Oh, go see it for yourself. You can also check out all the products available in the Raw Charge store here. If you're ordering for Christmas, slect "Hurry!" or "Rush Garments" option.

Help us name individual goal songs

A local beat reporter's suggestion leads to our challenge tot eh community: goal songs for each individual Lightning player.

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Introductions are in order

...but lets not go singing campfire songs. I'm not in the mood to hear "Kumbaya." Introduce yourself to other members of the Raw Charge community (even if you've done it in the past).

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Looking for input on link dumps

We don't do link dump posts regularly at Raw Charge because generally everyone does link dump posts. Still, we'd like to hear community input on the idea of doing a daily news post... or weekly? Or whatever?

Posting Guidelines / Community Standards

It's gotten exceedingly heated in the Raw Charge community as of lately with staff and community members both getting hostile toward each other in comments. Time for a refresher and discussion about conduct.