The Tampa Bay Lightning brand re-arrangement and your thoughts

It's been two days since the Tampa Bay Lightning unveiled the modifications to their brand: The new Tampa Bay Lightning logo and uniform design. There have been a lot of strong opinions stated both pro and con from various sources and various outlets about the changes...

We contemplated putting a poll up on Raw Charge to see how many liked / disliked the new uniform (sort of like the one Pro Hockey Talk has on their website). But that wouldn't really tell the whole story of who, how or why people had their opinions.

So how best could we figure this out? Opening the floor to comments would just create a jumble of opinions. Launching several polls over several days would lose focus on this site's primary subject (covering the Bolts).

What to do, what to do... How about a survey?

Below the jump, you'll find a Google Form survey. It's rather simple and asks various questions and opinions about you (the fan) and your opinions on the new uniforms as-is and what could make them better. This is not a poll, though we will be posting results in the near future. This survey will not collect private data in any way. Just your answers (and opinions).

This is open to everyone, as we want to know the general opinion of the hockey public regarding these new duds.

[Note by John Fontana, 02/09/11 8:39 PM EST ]We want to thank all the participants in our survey. Voting is now closed. We'll have results up in the next few days.

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