The Titanic's Deckchairs

Anyone have a hint or a preview of what the NHL will be using as a logo after it's re-launch?

It was something discussed on message forums and through the mainstream media at the begining of the lockout but it was dismissed, the fact the league was planning a new crest / logo. Heck, it was an ongoing joke that the league was just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic... Certainly there were bigger issues to tackle at the time than the logo . Well, the Titanic has officially sunk... Now they are trying to raise it from it's watery grave... The Cap is in place, the details are all but ironed out. The announcement is imminent and we're left to wonder what the game will be like from this point on...

At an rate, I can imagine that they actually have it already designed but haven't revealed it yet. except to the appropriate parties here and there.... One can only imagine if and when it will be revealed to the masses. Or speculate that the league will stick with it's current crest for a while longer.