The Trend

PJ over at Sharkspage had an interesting tool mentioned on the blog a few weeks ago -- a Blog Pulse trend tool that shows how often certain terms are being used by Internet Bloggers. These can be topics (baseball, hockey, politics), these can be people (Gary Bettman, Robert Goodenow, Vaclav Prospal) or these can be words (use your imagination but keep it clean ya sickos! :) ).

So I took it upon myself to start charting three exact terms to represent the Players, the League and the Fans. In this case, the fans are represented by the search term NHLFA, the League is represented by the search phrase "NHL Owners" and the Players, of course, are represented by the search term NHLPA.

You can get a look at the exact page of results, but here is the graphic directly generated by this search:

As we have gotten closer to the deadline, there have been more and more references to the players and the owners - but of coruse the fans are further neglected without a plan of attack besides disorganized boycotting ideas.