The Unfriendly Confines

Against better judgement, I've been spending time on and the baseball boards that are a part of the network (note to FanHome members and mods -- Hi, how are you, and i did not sell you out as much as others did), specifically at the Devil Rays baseball forum on the network.

And while I know how bad it is, and while I expect to hear such stories, I always end up shaking my head and tryign to comprehend the ineptitude shown by the Devil Rays in simple matters.

There is no glaring instance here but two different posts that got my attention. One dealt with someoen trying to simply get information if his toddler will need to have a ticket to go to the game, the other was commenting on the Rays ticket prices for a 7 inning game versus Navy today. In both instances, the Rays dropped the ball on trying to be fan friendly.

A seven inning game was full price while other teams playing in the area dropped prices for there opening games. As for the fan calling about ticket prices for little children? He got the run around, sent back and forth to Ticketmaster before finally finding a number (through the Washington Post's web site) where he got an actual live person to answer his question...

It's the little things that help show how porrous the Devil Ray franchise is in it's existence....

And just out of curiosity, can the fans out there (readers) point out other instances with other teams of unfriendly PR from there teams? The Devil Rays have a long list of instances where they have been inept dealing with the fans... And certainly other teams around North America in pro sports are just as bad, right?