The Winter Classic Discussion and Coverage on SB Nation

Happy New Year!




Normally we don't front page other league games that are ongoing...  But this is different.  This isn't a run-of-the-mill game.  It's the Winter Classic.

We want to make sure to point you to all the proper locations for coverage of the annual outdoor rite...  So let me get started by presenting you with the SB Nation live-news thread of the Winter Classic.  The story stream will update throughout today with the event.

And of course let me make sure to point you two the sites of the two combatants: Broad Street Hockey represents the visiting Flyers... And while I can't point to a specific game thread yet, I can point you to Travis Hughes (reporting from the game) reminds fans that there IS indeed a hockey game going on here.

Today is obviously an abnormal game, and it'll be the first time every single member of the Flyers has played a meaningful game outside. Obviously, the differences are vast between playing inside. You've got the temperatures to play with, and most players are wearing protective underwear to keep them warm. The other teams in town are helping out in that regard.

And host Boston is represented by Stanley Cup of Chowder, who has more looks at the spectacle of the Classic (from the Dropkick Murphys to sights around Fenway Park for this afternoon's game).