This Suds for You

Yahoo! News - Tampa Bay Lightning May Offer Free Beer

The Tampa Bay Lightning are hoping to tap into larger crowds by offering unlimited free beer to season ticket holders.

During the first Eastern Conference playoff game between the Lightning and the Philadelphia Flyers (news) Saturday, the St. Pete Times Forum's main scoreboard advertised the offer. Those who paid $100 toward 2004-05 season tickets were eligible for unlimited free beer during the game.
About 25 of the 21,000 people at the game signed up for season tickets, said team spokesman Bill Wickett.
People who are already intoxicated aren't served beer and free taxi rides are provided to patrons who believe they have had too much to drink, Wickett said.

Usually I have nothing but praise for the Lightning and their marketing.... But this is just going in the wrong direction IMHO. I know that ticket sales are vital for the NHL, I know that filling the arena nightly is something that needs to be accomplished... but FREE BEER to new season ticket holders?! Come on!

Even WITH free taxi service (and free soda's fro designated drivers) offered to ticket holders who take advantage of this -- there's still the fact alcohol leads to stupid decisions throughout life... How many spousal abuse cases stem from people who have ingested too much alcohol? Assault and battery? Etc.

but then again, I am not advocating blockign alcohol sales... I just think free beer sends the wrong message and is potentially hazerdous. End rant.