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This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning fan poll: What are you looking for in the “second half”?

The All-Star Game and attendant festivities are generally considered the dividing line between halves of the season, even though the Lightning played the 42nd game of their season on January 7 when they faced the Red Wings in Detroit, nearly a month ago.

With the “second half” actually being about 40% of the remaining schedule and all the things that will happen between now and the first week of April, time is really going to start flying. There’s the trade deadline. Teams falling officially out of contention. Teams locking up postseason berths. Now that the comfy, cozy All-Star weekend is behind us, it’s time to stop dressing up like pirates and strolling around with our BFFs from out of town and get serious about this hockey business.

So with the task of refocusing ourselves upon us for these final 30 or so games, what’s drawing your attention? Go ahead and vote and share your additional thoughts in the comments.

What are you looking for in the “second half”?

More of what we’ve seen so far, that’s all 38
The postseason picture coming into clearer focus 23
The return of Victor Hedman 8
A flurry of activity at the trade deadline 5
A couple of key moves at the trade deadline 52
No major activity at the trade deadline 5
We’re definitely getting that Karlsson guy, right? 21

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