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This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning fan poll: Where would you go?

This week, with the Lightning on the road visiting Toronto and Buffalo, it was time for the annual tradition of the Father’s Trip. Players dads came from all over… including Louis Domingue’s pop Charles who traveled all the way from Ethiopia, where he’s shooting a documentary film… to hang out with their sons on the road. This trip usually involves a stop in Toronto, so that everyone can visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, which makes for a pretty great side jaunt on what is undoubtedly an already fun trip.

This week’s poll is fantasy wish fulfillment. Let’s pretend you have the opportunity to join the Lightning on the road for one game. Of course, you get transportation and great tickets to that night’s game. But you also get to choose the destination AND that day’s activity in the city where the game is being played. It’s not the dads’ trip though, so Toronto and the hall of fame are not on the table. With this in mind, where would you go?

Feel free to suggest other fantastic travel options in the comments.

Where are you going with the Lightning and what are you doing when you get there?

New York, against the Rangers or Islanders and trying (and probably failing) to get tickets to see “Hamilton”. 40
Chicago, against the Blackhawks and visiting the Field Museum 15
Winnipeg, against the Jets and finding the longitudinal centre of Canada 15
St. Paul, against the Wild and visiting Paisley Park 11
Sunrise, against the Panthers and checking in on Aunt Sophie and Uncle Mort (dinner’s at 4) 14
Los Angeles, against the Kings and touring some movie studios 28
St. Louis, against the Blues and visiting the Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum 4
Philadelphia, against the Flyers and checking out the brand-new awning at the Ritz-Carlton 7

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