This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning fan poll: Who has won you over?

This season, Senior Columnist Clark Brooks will take the pulse of Raw Charge nation with a weekly poll about current or future events and non-happenings, for the sake of accomplishing not much, probably.

The Lightning brought in three players from outside of the organization prior to this season:

  • Defenseman Mikhail Sergachev, acquired in a trade with the Montreal Canadiens for Jonathan Drouin on June 15th.
  • Defenseman Dan Girardi, previously with the New York Rangers, signed as a free agent on July 1st.
  • Left wing Chris Kunitz, previously with the Pittsburgh Penguins, signed as a free agent also on July 1st./

All three came to the team with some reservations from at least some of the fans. Sergachev was young and unproven in exchange for Drouin who had already demonstrated considerable skill with yet-untapped potential. Girardi was seen as an aging veteran in decline with little to offer. Kunitz was someone who people outside of Pittsburgh simply did not like.

All three now have about 50 games under their belt with the Lightning. With this week’s poll, we want to know if your opinion has changed about any or all of these “new guys”. If not/If so, please feel free to elaborate in the comments.

What do you think of the “new” additions to this year’s Lightning roster?

I didn’t like any of these moves at the time but I’m thrilled with how all three have worked out39
I didn’t like any of these moves at the time but I’m generally satisfied with how they’ve worked out36
Two out of three of them have been a success36
One out of three of them are pretty good8
I was disappointed when these moves were made and I’m still not that impressed2
I was happy with all of these deals when they were made and I’m still happy with them99