This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning fan poll: Who scares you?

This season, Senior Columnist Clark Brooks will take the pulse of Raw Charge nation with a weekly poll about current or future events and non-happenings, for the sake of accomplishing not much, probably.

What was once a significant lead in the Atlantic Division for the Lightning has dwindled and what do you know, we find ourselves heading into March in a good ol’ fashioned fight to the finish.


The Lightning are still in very good shape, with a 25 point lead over fourth place Florida, heading into Thursday night. At this point, missing the postseason would require nothing less than what could only be labeled a complete and utter systemic collapse of almost unheard of epic proportions.

Still, there are no foregone conclusions (the Arizona Coyotes are still mathematically eligible to win their division and secure the top seed in the Western Conference) and there are lots of games to be played. This week’s question is what team concerns you in regard to the threat they pose to the Lightning (I don’t think any of you are actually scared of anybody else; I used that word in the headline because “scare” is a much sexier word than “concern” and I’m trying to draw eyeballs so I can collect that sweet, sweet SEO bonus from SBNation.)

Please take into account two factors before you answer:

  1. The threat they pose in what remains of the regular season in terms of where the Lightning could eventually be seeded in the playoffs.
  2. The threat they may pose in a seven-game series in the postseason in terms of matchups and style of play.

For the purposes of this pole and those two factors, the choices are limited to Eastern Conference teams that can at least be generously considered fringe contenders at this point.

With that, have at it! And as always, feel free to expound in the comments.

What Eastern Conference team concerns you as a potential threat to the Lightning?

Boston Bruins227
Toronto Maple Leafs34
Florida Panthers0
Washington Capitals8
Pittsburgh Penguins92
Philadelphia Flyers4
New Jersey Devils5
Columbus Blue Jackets1
Carolina Hurricanes0
New York Islanders0