This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning poll: where’s the party?

This post season, Senior Columnist Clark Brooks will take the pulse of Raw Charge nation with a weekly poll about current or future events and non-happenings, for the sake of accomplishing not much, probably.

The NHL is full of silly rules, always has been, probably always will be. To the league’s credit, they’re not above changing some of them from time to time.

One of the silliest rules in recent memory, in that there was never a really good justification for it to ever have existed in the first place (I know, I know, something about television or whatever), was the restriction placed on teams and how many “official” watch parties they could host. Once the seemingly-arbitrary number of one party-per-round of the playoffs had been held, oh well, the fans can no longer OFFICIALLY gather en masse in a public place and cheer their favorites.

That rule has been cast aside and now there are no limits to how many watch parties can be held.

The Tampa Bay region has a well-earned reputation for parties (we have a festival for strawberries, for Pete’s sake) and our watch parties are pretty great. Usually held in a park or some other place that can accommodate a lot of people, with a DJ and food trucks and beer and cheerleaders and a mascot, all centered around a giant screen showing the game from somewhere on the road, watch parties are a fun way for fans to rally and support the team while enjoying each others’ company.

This week’s question is, do you have a particularly favorite location for Lightning watch parties? Maybe it’s location. Maybe it’s amenities there or nearby. Maybe it’s nobody’s business; you just like it. What’s your favorite gathering spot? Don’t worry if you hate parties, there’s an option for you to share your opinion too. Let us have it, via vote and comments.

What’s you favorite watch party location?

Clearwater Beach11
Curtis Hixon Park, Tampa40
Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, Tampa9
Centro Ybor15
Guy Harvey Outpost, St. Pete Beach7
I don’t go to the watch parties; big crowds are not my thing, man23
I go to EVERY watch party I can get to; big crowds (of Lightning fans) ARE my thing, man.6