Tim Taylor continues to speak before he thinks

From the Calgary Herald:

"In my mind, I thought it would be no problem to beat them because they'd be tired after coming after us the way they did," said Bolts centre Tim Taylor. "They just come at you, come at you, come at you. That's why I felt very confident after the first period. They don't have too much offence, and I just thought that they'd tried to give us everything in trying to hit us."

You know, Tim, if you are going to comment about how easy you figured it would be to beat a team, it would be wiser to do it after a win, rather than a loss, eh?

The Flames have played this style through 104 games now, and still show no signs of slowing down. If you figured one period would wear the Flames out, you havent been listening to your coach, who said to expect that kind of play throughout.

Besides, we all saw how effective hitting the Lightning that hard was in the third period. The Flames were able to use an over aggressive 3-2 forecheck numerous times in the final stanza as Lightning players continually turned the puck over fearing the big hit that was coming.

The result, Miikka Kiprusoff's 5th post season shutout, leading the NHL, and a Flames franchise record.

As to the belief that Calgary has no offense? Calgary's 54 goals this postseason is the most of all teams, and their average of 2.46 per game is third only to Tampa (2.74) and Philly (2.78).

But feel free to keep speaking, Tim. I have no doubt that your comments are finding their way onto the Flames dressing room wall.