To Justify the Cup - Flames Media takes down Tampa Bay fans

How pathetic is Eric Francis in this piece?

Mr. Francis tries -- or more like lies -- in order to justify the Cup returning to Canada in just about every paragraph of the above linked article. (Calgary Sun piece republished in the Tampa Tribune). It seems because Mr. Francis can't take the Lightning hockey team to task -- he takes the Tampa Bay fan base to task.

Hey Eric? If this is the best you can do, please go back to college and spend a few hours in journalism 101.

"Calgary deserves the Cup because of 7 years of bad hockey." 7 years? Amateurs -- try 10 years out of 12 of your very existence.

"Calgary deserves the Cup because the Lightning never had a superstar traded for monetary reasons." Oh ye of little information. Though we haven't had SUPERSTARS per se traded for monetary reasons (note - Lightning have lacked a player that resembled a super star for the majority of it's existence), we've had more than our fair share of players, fan favorites and future stars traded away for financial reasons.

"The Flames fans deserve the Cup because they've supported their team through 7 bad, heartbreaking and frustrating years and have been threatened with relocation." Hello, earth paging Eric Francis -- are you so ill-informed about the Tampa Bay Lightning that you find this a legitimate reason?

The Lightning fans have supported their team through 10 years of hell, four 50-loss seasons in a row, a couple of horrendous owners, lousy management,
numerous seasons with 50+ players going through the revolving doors, pay more property taxes than all other 29 NHL teams combined and continuously threatened with relocation by numbskull's such as Mr. Francis or others in the north who's ignorance proclaims that hockey doesn't belong in the south and Tampa doesn't support it's team.

Ignorance is bliss, isn't it Eric? You would sure be the one to know....