Tom Jones misses out

I'm not one to call out the media for inaccuracies (believe that if you will, oh constant reader ;) ) but I had to stifle a little laugh while read Tom Jones' column on the National Hockey League in today's St. Petersburg Times....

Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux need to take a lead role for the owners. Gretzky is as respected in hockey as any person alive. When he speaks, players and owners listen. Lemieux, in the unique position of owner/player, can bring honest opinions that the owners and players both respect.

Meantime, where are the veteran NHL players? Where's Joe Sakic? Where's Brett Hull? Where's Chris Chelios?

Um, Tom? You haven't been paying much attention to, have you? You know, the one news source that consistantly publishes at least an article a week on Hockey (unlike the St. Petersburg Times right now).

For that matter, you haven't been paying much attention to Boltsmag either....

Chris Chelios would be all too happy for the Lightning not to exist, along with plenty of other teams out there... So please, if you need to think of veterans who should be mouthing off -- why not do us all a favor and use, how can I say this, credible veterans, instead of naming assclowns who would like nothing more than to see the franchise you write about pushing up daisies.