Translation: Tampa Bay Lightning’s Alexey Lipanov in his draft day interview

“I know that it’s warm in Tampa and that there is ocean!”

Alexey Lipanov was interviewed by’s Russian team after being drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning. The original video is here, and we’ve both transcribed and translated it for Bolts fans. Welcome to our newest Russian!

If you use this translated text in any way, please credit and Igor Nikonov (@nikonov_igor) of Raw Charge for the translation.

What have you been experiencing during the last few days? What are you feeling now?

Lipanov: I feel somewhat relieved now that I’ve been selected. I’m happy about it.

Was there any stress? Was it hard for you? Did you want to be selected earlier?

Lipanov: Of course, I wanted it to happen a little earlier, but the third round isn’t bad either, I think. I’m satisfied with the selection.

What are your strengths?

Lipanov: I think I can make a good first pass, and a final one too. I have good vision of the field, a good shot, good dribbling, and I play well in defense. I hope I’ll help the Lightning win the Stanley Cup.

What do you know about Tampa? Do you know anyone personally?

Lipanov: I know Mikhail Sergachev. We’ve played together at the U18 World Championship. I know all the Russian players, but I’ve never met them in person—I hope I’ll get a chance to do it soon. And, first of all, I know that it’s warm in Tampa and that there is ocean (laughs).

How surreal must it feel to play hockey and be on the beach at the same time?

Lipanov: I think it’s very difficult to combine these things. But I’ll try to do everything to play hockey first, and only after that I can maybe relax.

What’s your plan for the next year?

Lipanov: I hope to show everything I’m capable of at the development camp, and then we’ll see. But most likely I’ll spend the season with the Barrie Colts.

The Lightning are known to have a lot of Russians. How do you feel about that?

Lipanov: I think it will help me. It’s obviously easier with Russians, when you can use your own language at first. I need to learn English and then everything will be okay.