Tuesdays with Dani: Boucher on last night, Stamkos' contract not close and Bob Probert's brain

Last night's loss still stings in the morning. Still more words from last night's loss to the Capitals coming from coach Boucher on the disallowed goal:

"I've looked at it about 15 times now with about 20 people in my office," Tampa Bay coach Guy Boucher said. "Our guy never touched the goalie. It was their player's stick, and it's not a goal, then it has to be a penalty. It was a major tripping. That's a goal and that's 2-0, and that's probably the game." - TSN

But even with the disappointing loss, the Lightning don't have time to dwell on it since they play another difficult team tomorrow night in the Chicago Blackhawks.

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And fail of the week goes to TBO.com for confusing the Vancouver Canucks with the Montreal Canadiens. Apparently all Canadian teams are the same these days