Twitter Reacts to the Jonathan Drouin trade

Hint - things are not going well in Tampa Bay

At 3:13pm EST the Tampa Bay Lightning announced on twitter that they had traded Jonathan Drouin to Montreal.

As is the case now whenever big news happens, the reaction online was swift and emotional.  Spread out amongst some favorable reactions (mostly centering around Mikhail Sergachev’s potential as a top-two defender) there was an outpouring of disbelief and anger.

Drouin is a bewildering bundle of offensive talent with a ton of baggage already in his short career.  He was also, for most of last season, one of the few bright spots in a dark and dismal season.  Fans had grown attached to him and his special set of skills. So it’s understandable that they might be a bit upset at seeing him go.  And where do fans head when they are upset?

Twitter, of course.  Now, for your reading enjoyment a small sample of the replies to the Lightning trade announcement.

At least one fan was “done”:

Another would have traded a 60-goal scorer and team captain instead How quickly people forget Stamkos!:

There were puns:


There was a call for a rebuild (not sure who “concussion captain” is?)

Some folks had to reach into other sports to adequately describe their feelings:

One person attributes a level of deviousness to Mr. Yzerman that would be wonderful to behold:

In the end, this deal can’t be determined a win or a loss for many years to come. Drouin could end up being the next Alex Daigle or the next Michel Goulet. The same goes for Sergachev.  After all, how upset were Lightning fans when rising star Cory Conacher was traded to Ottawa for a super tall goalie? That worked out pretty well for the Bolts.