Unofficial official message board of Boltsmag

I had visions of Grandeur to have operational for next season... I would have been using PHPBB and starting from scratch on a new NHL forum...

Yet there are too many out there as is.

So, by my decision, I have linked Boltsmag's official message board to One might be wondering why I did this and there are a few:

For starters, I didn't want to make the corny decision to link to the Tampa Bay Lightning officail message boards which has "relevant" discussions about what type underwear Brad Richards wears and who Vincent Lecavalier is dating this week.

Likewise, I didn't want ot link to Sunshine Network's web message boards due to the cliq I like to refer to as LightningNation -- know-it-alls and blunderkinds mixed in with season-ticketholders that rarely let newbies into their group or make you feel welcome if you have a varying opinion from there own.

Hockeyforums gives a link to an NHL forum with discussion among general NHL fans as well. Unlike, say, -- You will not see Montreal Canadien fans jump into the Lightning forum solely to propose Vincent Lecavalier trades. They';; appear to discuss the team or a move that is made by the team.

So click on the FORUMS button on the left navigation menu and be mystifically (purposely mispelled) transported to the HockeyForums web message board.