Unreliable Rumors

You know, it can be seen as a cool novelty and seen as a bane how fast information can spread on the Internet - or disinformation for that matter.

I've already bashed Eklund and Keith has wondered aloud how this fool and liar has such a devote following that he does.

And now some Lightning fans are using Eklund in order to put the hurt on Florida Panther fans.

While musing about the Lightning's goaltending situation if and when Nik Khabibulin would depart the team (it started before Nik signed with Chicago), a thread at SunSportsTV.com meandered around and turned into discussion of Roberto Luongo and how Miami fans would react if the Lightning tendered Luongo an offer sheet.

Then someone dared, and someone decided to take him up on the offer.

Eklund ran the rumor several day ago -- a total fabrication -- and it's caught on but then soon deflated. How's that for misinformation being spread? You can blame the blog community for not checking sources, or you can blame Eklund himself and his flock-of-seagull following (which includes members of the mainstream media).

And in a related story, CalgaryPuck regulars have constructed a blog specifically to mock Eklund and his blather. More false rumors, more of the time....