Update on the future of Raw Charge

Things are looking good

So, good news! Raw Charge is going to be sticking around a little longer. Well, if you don’t like us, I guess that’s not good news, but at least you get to continue not liking us for a little longer (and thank you for hate-reading). Barring any last minute changes we will be moving forward as an independent site under the Raw Charge name on April 1st, 2023.

Thank you to everyone that has shown their support for us over the last couple of months, either through words of encouragement, or through monetary support. As of this morning we are at $2,265 raised on a goal of $3,000 for our Go Fund Me and donations are still trickling in almost daily. With the amount we’ve raised already, we’ve begun the process of creating the new site and have enough to pay the writing staff through the end of the regular season.  For those who have donated, your support means more than we can possibly every say.

Moving forward, the new Raw Charge will have a little different look to it, and a few fewer bells and whistles (whistles are so expensive these days!) but we are focusing on the content over the look as we move through the regular season and into the playoffs. It will likely be a work in progress until we settle on a design we are comfortable with. We are hoping to have everything in line for a smooth switchover on April 1st. Our goal is to keep the domain name exactly the same you don’t even have to update your favorites.

It may take a few days for the archive to get moved over to the new site, but we do plan on having all of our old stories available at some point. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the comments from those articles will transfer over since there will be different platforms for commenting.

One of our contemporaries, The Ice Garden, has already made the switch and we are learning a lot from their experience, so a big thank you to Mike Murphy and the team over there.

While we’re still putting things together, one decision that we have reached is that the new Raw Charge will have a mix of free and paid content. As much as we would love to remain 100% free, there are still bills to be paid. Most of the regular features that you see here on a daily basis (Lightning Round, Game Day Previews, Game Day Recaps, etc.) will remain free. For those that do subscribe to the site, we will be providing extra, more in-depth analysis of the team and the players. We may even have a few more treats in store as the days go on.

We’ll have the exact details a little closer to launch date. Our plan is to make it as affordable as possible and there are likely to be a couple of tiers involved to make things easier for everyone out there. Also, should I win the PowerBall any time between now and April 1st, things may change.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported us in the past, and will in the future. We do enjoy writing, Tweeting, and interacting with everyone in this community and hopefully we can keep things going for as long as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out (my email is in the header - top of the page, more, masthead).

With Regards,

JustinG and the Raw Charge Staff