Updated: Your favorite NHL players dressed up for Halloween

And dancing Jagr!

Social media has allowed us fans to stalk closely monitor our favorite players, desperate for glimpses into their personal lives — however much they’re willing to share. That’s crossed over to Halloween, as players trade their helmets and gloves for glasses, makeup and whatever else they need in order to transform into someone (or something) else.

We at Raw Charge will be collecting those Halloween party photos into one handy post! And we’ll gladly update as more photos roll in. Because why wouldn’t you want to see Matt Martin and his girlfriend Sydney with the perfect representation of the Joker and Harley Quinn... and whatever the hell Alex Ovechkin is supposed to be?

(We will only publish photos originating from public social media pages. So we won’t share your favorite player’s photo reposted by his friend’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s first-grade teacher. Tweets us @waffleboardsave or @RawCharge if you come across any other publicly shareable photos!)

But enough words and more pics. Oh, and your move, Bolts — no pressure!

The Sabres

The gauntlet was first thrown by the Sabres, as the team account showed off their young guns... only for us to later learn that Jack Eichel had a wardrobe malfunction.

Before and after this guy realized it was on the wrong way #oktoberfest #earlyhalloween

A photo posted by Sam Reinhart (@samsonreinhart) on

That’s Kyle Okposo as Steve Harvey and his wife as Miss Colombia. Also pictured are the Bogosians and Moulsons...

Halloween festivities 🎃

A photo posted by Zach Bogosian (@zbogosian47) on

The Panthers

There’s a joke about Jaromir Jagr’s age to make...

Halloween party!!!

A photo posted by Jaromír Jágr (@jj68jaromirjagr) on

And here is the Pharaoh himself on the dance floor... (h/t Puck Daddy)

Found Waldo last night 👻🎃

A photo posted by Aaron Ekblad (@aaronekblad5) on

The Maple Leafs

Could’ve taken the prize for best costumes

Ken Bone 4 prez

A photo posted by Auston Matthews (@auston_matthews) on

PUDDIN! 🃏#HappyHalloween

A photo posted by Sydney Esiason (@sydneyesiason) on

I mean come on. This is amazing...


A photo posted by Matt Martin (@mattymarts17) on

Helga loves Arnold ❤️

A photo posted by Lucy Cashin (@lucycashin) on

I ain't sorry 🍋

A photo posted by Lexi Solofra (@lexsolofs) on

Early Halloween.. 🐒🐒

A photo posted by Leo Komarov (@komarovleo47) on

They didn’t plan it!

We didn't plan it

A photo posted by Frankie Corrado (@frankendeuces) on

The Capitals

Halloween party in D.C. 👻🎃🎃🎃

A photo posted by Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial) on

In case you need to see Alex Ovechkin more up close

Мой брат @m.wka на Halloween party

A photo posted by Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial) on

And if you must, Ovechkin’s Instagram video of Zach Sanford hitting the mic first. Braden Holtby apparently picked the tune for the Caps rookie.

Caps boys here👍💪

A video posted by Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial) on

Another Harley Quinn and the Joker. I can’t unsee this one

Harley Quinn and Joker👻👻👻Halloween party ™@varvara__orlova

A photo posted by Dmitry Orlov (@orlov_09) on

Halloween comes early #Stepbrothers #drumset

A photo posted by Tom Wilson (@tom_wilso) on

Halloween came early 💯🎃

A photo posted by William Nylander (@williamnylander) on

It's Halloween people! A little early but some great costumes nonetheless! #cannon #thebeast #theKUZmon

A photo posted by Nate Schmidt (@nateschmidt88) on

The Oshies are assassins at first

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2.0

A photo posted by Lauren Oshie (@loshie17) on

Then took a more family-friendly approach the following day


A photo posted by Lauren Oshie (@loshie17) on

The Oilers

Jord didn't want to be put in a box this year, so here we are. #livepokemongo #halloween

A photo posted by Lauren Rodych (@laurenrodych) on

Who doesn't love a Chubby baby?#halloween2016 🎃🎃🎃👻👻🐻

A photo posted by Zack Kassian (@zkass09) on

Spike don't play with girls!! @francescaanna #icebox

A photo posted by Patrick Maroon (@patmaroon) on

A causal bald cap, @grybes02 is one lucky guy 😂 #onehundredbilliondollars #ohbehave

A photo posted by Cate Gryba (@categryba) on

The Penguins

Happy Halloween! #mariokart

A photo posted by Conor Sheary (@csheary13) on

Happy Halloween!!!!

A photo posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

Early Halloween festivities 👵🏻👴🏻

A photo posted by Veronique Larosee Fleury (@vlarosee) on

The Senators

We’d imagine the Joker/Harley pairing was popular this year. We give Turris points for the scariest Joker.

The full shot

That’s Alex Hammond, Chris Wideman, Clarke MacArthur and Dion Phaneuf

Happy early Halloween! 👻👻👻

A photo posted by Chris Wideman (@wides6) on

Erik Karlsson seems very committed

Happy early Halloween. 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻

A photo posted by Erik Karlsson (@erikkarlsson65) on

Looking for candy 🍬 #piniata @cambeeby

A photo posted by JG Pageau (@pagertrain) on

Paul Bissonnette commented that he’s coming to find you!

Happy early #halloween from Nemo and Darla

A photo posted by Cody Ceci (@codyceci) on

The Predators

This team gets the award for most players dressing up in dresses

Me and my snowflake #ace

A photo posted by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

I’m jealous how good an off shoulder dress looks on Roman Josi

Halloween came early this year👻🎃

A photo posted by Ellie Ottaway (@eottaway) on

Oh my

Kid knows a thing or two about locker room talk... #grabembythepussy

A photo posted by Shawna Watterson (@shawna_faye) on

Yannick Weber


A photo posted by Kayla Price (@kaylaapricee) on

I am Groot and Ironman were a perfect fit last night 🌳💥🔥❤️

A photo posted by Filip Forsberg (@forsbergfilip) on

Viktor Arvidsson

Thunder Buddy 🐻#happyearlyhalloween

A photo posted by Moa Norberg (@moaanorberg) on

Montreal Canadiens

The Rangers

Met #Jack #Zlatan and #Todd last night.. Good times! #HappyHalloween 🎃

A photo posted by Henrik Lundqvist (@hank30nyr) on

Halloween '16 the "dragon queen" khaleesi with the not so scary khal drogo #halloween #dressup

A photo posted by Michael Grabner (@grabner40) on