VIDEO: Martin St. Louis' post-game interview in New York

This video marks the end of the 2014 NHL Trade Deadline story strema on Raw Charge, and the content that closes out the stream can be seen as a bitter pill... Because it's more of Martin St. Louis.

If you react to some of his answers in a volatile way, you're not the only one who has expressed this sentiment. It's not the first time Tampa Bay sports fans have heard players crow about playing in a big market... The problem is, many times that has happened and said-athlete can't live up to the pressure, or contributing at the value of the contract they signed with their new team.

We'll see how Marty handles things going forward. At this point, though, as a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, I'm a mite (no pun intended) disappointed with #26. He may have measured his words here, but they still sting a bit, and come off contradictary in some lights.