VIDEO: Pregame interview with Rafael Amarante

It's a real kick to have a friend get the spotlight. It's even more profound when it's your favorite sports team putting your pal in the spotlight in such a profound way. Rafael Amarante has been an active member of the Raw Charge community since March 2010, sharing his wit and wisdom when and where appropriate on the site.

Rafael has been the focal point of the Lightning's Distant Thunder campaign -- fans are the Thunder here, Rafael lives in Brazil -- and last night was his night at Amalie Arena to see the Lightning in person. Rafael was also part of pregame video that was promoted broadly by the Lightning through Facebook. We embed it here:

Long time Raw Charge community member Rafael Aramante is at the Amalie tonight for the Tampa Bay Lightning / Carolina Hurricanes game. If you missed pregame chatter, view Rafael's interview here!

Posted by Raw Charge on Saturday, March 5, 2016