Six Point Eight Million Dollars a year for four years....

So much as for Kent Hughes "Home team discount" talk....

And while we're at it -- so much as for Quebec-based rumors that Vinny was to be traded / wanted to head to the Habs post haste. :P

I've been out all afternoon and I have just found out the news that Lecavalier was inked so there is not much flesh on this post... The fact is the top line is inked and one key member of this squad is absent now (that being Martin St. Louis). That's the big concern.

Rumor early on had Marty taking only 4 million a year in a multi-year deal.... That was just talk though before the financial insanity of the 2005 offseason commenced. You've seen other big name free agents and RFA's getting big dollars and of course -- Marty is overdue to be making top dollar. He had originally joined the team making the league minimum and that lasted even though he performed. His last contract was 2 million dollars a year and he more than earned it with his Hart Trophy season which helped the Lightning win the Cup.

Lecavalier's been deemed the Franchise since coming into the league and he's earned franchise money (which means Brad Richards could be the odd man out in a couple of years with thanks to his buddies payday)...Just how much, and for how long, will Martin St. Louis be signed? And just for the sake of asking - what is his worth in trade (not that this fan wants to see him gone)?