Wah! I want my Lightning Hockey Central back!

Still a little loopy and out of it post-op. Everyone's seen me around of course covering the uniform situation and the like the last few days, so yes I am operating back on normal parameters... Just not physically firing on all cylinders offline.

Anyway, I have to voice a concern about something that's gone missing in the Lightning Blogosphere (or Boltosphere to paraphrase a term Tapeleg threw out last night about the Canuck fans online).

Where the hell has Lightning Hockey Central gone?!?

My focus, as a blogger, was off for most of 2006 as I concentrated more on a volunteer gig than on covering the Lightning and what not. I didn't get back in gear until last winter and Lightning Hockey Central was one of the sites that filled the Boltosphere void in my absence. I'll be frank that I felt a little threatened when I first learned of the place because I was used to being the pseudo-lone Bolts blogger out there (I was aware of Bolt Prospects and the LiveJournal community which isn't so open bloggish, I wasn't aware of Bolts Blog or Erin's Tampa Bay Lightning blog). But then I woke up - you gotta embrace your co-patriots and varied opinions concerning your team, not feel threatened by them. It's like Ski and Scott with Best Bucs Blog and BucStats respectively - they may not always agree but they've got one central thing that matters most -- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their love for that damned franchise.

I lament for the (temporary?) loss of Lightning Hockey Central. The site hadn't been updated since March even when it was operating but it mattered as a varying (even a more informed) voice than my own.

I also request here -- through comments -- that others point out other Lightning fan sites and blogs. Some I've been tipped off about in the past but never added to my "fan sites" blogroll due to quality issues. Others (Thunderdome News specifically) are listed where appropriate (though TDN was just moved from Message Boards to the Boltosphere as it's taken a decidedly un-message board turn).