Quick strikes and links

As the playoffs wane on, topical stories about the Lightning, well, wane off.

Sure, there's continued conjecture about who the Lightning will bring in in net, what they'll do with all those draft picks, and how on Earth they're going to unload Vincent Lecavalier's contract. But other than that, there's really nothing hockey-related going on with the team.

And sadly, that's the case for most teams this time of year. Pretty soon, all hockey fans will be deliberating about the draft, free agency, and whether or not "it's October yet."

But in the mean time, meaningless banter is all we've got, right?

So, here are your links for the week:

Your Lightning links:

  • Remember a couple of seasons ago when Vinny Lecavalier took a high stick above the eye, was cut open, finished the shift and scored a goal? Hehe, me too... At any rate, Bolts prospect Richard Panik seems to have wanted to one up him, as he scored the OT winner to propel the Norfolk Admirals into the AHL Eastern Conference Finals after being hit in the face with a slapshot. Yikes.

And your links from the rest of the NHL: