What does a guy have to do to get fired around here?!

Jason over at Predators Den begs the question, just what does Gary Bettman have to do to lose his job?

Here is the answer: Just like DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, the more Bettman fails at his job, the more certain it is that he keeps his job! His string of failure after abject failure hasn't been enough for the owners in the NHL to can Bettman. There's little reason to believe they'll do the right thing anytime soon.Sadly, this is more true than I can state.

I won't get into politics (I do that enough on der Stonegauge ) but what Jason asks and what he says is too true to overlook. Gary has been vital in negotiating porrous TV deals that hurt the NHL more than help (I'm not talking about financial deals - I'm talking about exposure, etc). He's failed to bring the NHL owners the riches he promised through expansion (won't go further into that one because you Neo-Traditionalists like Chris Chelios out there can go stuff it). He absolutely sucks at marketing and is out of touch with not only the common player but the common fan as well.

Oh, Martin St. Louis and Robert Esche aren't correct with their villifying of Bettman... But they do have a point about Bettman being malignant to the game. It goes beyond collective bargaining and buying the party line, however.