Will wonders never cease

It's taken only months on end but there are actual hockey rumor reports out there! Player movement... can you believe it? (thanks to Hockeybird for posting this news info)

And while we're on the topic of player movement and still locked-out as a league and a fanbase, I have to vocally wonder what the labor situation is going to do to Martin St. Louis' tenure with the Tampa Bay Lightning?

That's something that has been on my mind increasingly over the past several weeks -- do Bolts fans recall the fact Marty is not under contract? He's still property fo the Tampa Bay Lightning (under the last labor agreement, mind you) because a qualifying offer was made but that was the last Collective Bargaining Agreement. And from all signs out there, the new agreement will set Martin free to sign where he pleases and handcuff the Lightning in their attempts to re-sign him (handcuff -- as in Salary Cap).

Until a new CBA is signed, sealed and delievered and until we know what will be fact and what the rules will be, oen has to wonder and worry just where #26 will end up. Certain owners would like nothing more than for a premiere player such as Martin to play for a more media-friendly city than Tampa Bay....