Wondering outloud leaves me frustrated...

Bolts Wonder Where This Is Headed

``Nobody wants to be in this situation and we hope that both Goodenow and Bettman can find a common ground, everybody wants something to get worked out,'' Dingman said. ``Nobody wants to lose a season over this. I mean, this is our livelihood. It would be nice to open everything up on time and be able to raise that [Stanley Cup championship] banner and celebrate our championship.''

Is it just me or is it frustrating any time there are comments like this from the labor side of a dispute but a standing-with-the-union-'cause-I-have-to type of attitude being expressed? It's like baseball with drug testing and steroid tests -- no one wanted to cross the line to prove they were above that.

Now the players just won't say "This is bullshit, I want to play and I don't want the Union to go to war over this."

Of course, the comment is attributed to a 3rd/4th line player and not a superstar... Few will care what Chris Dingman has to say...

But here's a dare to any Lightning player or any NHL player -- if you're above this squabbling and know the game is more important than what your union boss is fighting for (limitless profit possibilites for labor), then cross the line. Tear up your union card and show the fans you're better than this absolute greed.