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About this site

Raw Charge was created in March of 2009 by John Fontana and Cassie McClellan and has served Tampa Bay Lightning fans continuously since then. For most of our existence we were part of a national network of fan-run sports websites. On April 1st of 2023 we became an independent site determined to continue providing information about our favorite three-time Stanley Cup Champion organization.

We are fans first. We write for fans of hockey. We are not professional reporters. We do this because we love hockey and the Tampa Bay Lightning. However, there are costs associated with running websites and no one should produce work for free. That is why we decided to relaunch as a site that provides both free and subscription-based content.   Your subscription makes this site possible, and allows Raw Charge to continue to exist. Thank you!


We will keep a lot of the basic content on this site free. Game Day Previews, Recaps, Daily Links, and basic transaction news will be free for all readers. If you register as a user, you will have the ability to comment as well.  The Premium Level more in-depth content and analysis of the team as well as some other small perks.

Meet people like you

One of the main reasons we wanted to keep this site going is because we believe we have built a strong, respectful community of Lightning fans. We wanted to keep that alive and have a place where we can all hang out online and discuss Lightning hockey.