Off Topic: 2012 Best Of The Bay awards survey

We're just starting the slowest month for hockey, and fans are looking for distractions until September. Might I offer a short distraction for Tampa Bay area residents?

It's an annual declaration of endorsement toward a wide variety of individuals, businesses, places, and things around the greater Tampa Bay metropolitan area. In other lights, it's just an age-old popularity contest.

Every year, Creative Loafing Tampa (formerly known as the Weekly Planet) gives its readers the Best of the Bay survey; a poll/survey of all things Tampa Bay. Best bar. Best neighborhood. Best hairdresser. Best concert venue. Best boutique shop. It's all there,with plenty more covering goods and services, locations and people in and of Tampa Bay.

Also among the categories, and of keen interest to readers at Raw Charge, is "Best Local Pro Sports Team", "Best Sports Coach" and "Best Tampa Bay Lightning Player".

Oh, there's also a "Best local blogger" category. Just sayin'...

The catch is this is really hyper-local... if you're a Tampa Bay area resident, you should be fine filling out this survey (and it's not like you have to answer everything, but you do have fill in at least 20 categories total on the four-page survey). If you're outside Tampa Bay... Well, it doesn't really work unless you know the area.

If you have the time, interest, and are so inclined to do so, go over to Creative Loafing Tampa and vote. Voting is open until September 4th, 2012, and you can go back and edit your votes / complete your ballot until then.