2012 NHL Draft Lottery open thread

Where: TSN's Studios, Toronto, Ontario
When: 8 PM EDT
Media: TSN (Canada), NBC Sports Net (US)

How hyperbole would it be to suggest that the road to the 2012 NHL Entry Draft begins tonight with the NHL Draft lottery? I mean, seriously, the road to the event was paved (on paper) several months ago with Pittsburgh being selected to host the draft.

That's not even acknowledging or paying heed to the players - the actual guys who will be selected this June - and what they've accomplished in their time. That process started long ago.

The Draft Lottery does signify the start of the NHL off-season rebuilding efforts for clubs that didn't make the playoffs. The Draft itself lays groundwork for the promise of the future for all clubs in the league.

Tomorrowseason, as it's phrased on the Tampa Bay Lightning prospect web site Bolt Prospects, gets us through the long summer. The promise of the future, the hope for tomorrow, the next season.

Well, Tomorrowseason start's with this evening's draft lottery results.