The Raw Charge game thread stream

Game night is game thread time at Raw Charge. This story signals the start of the Raw Charge game thread story stream.

Starting 30 minutes before game time (unless otherwise noted), Raw Charge publishes a game thread for discussion of that nights game between the Lightning and their opponent. Things can get heated, things can get off topic, they can even get very silly. The one unifying thign going on here is hockey and the Raw Charge community.

While anyone is welcome to come in and participate in these events, a word of warning: No trolling. That's not to say "other fans aren't welcome here", just the opposite. We're here to discuss the game or enjoy the game. We're not here to attack each other. Trolling is not welcome...

Neither is politics. That's part of the general rules here at Raw Charge - no political discussion. At. All.

There is good-natured ribbing that goes on around here, but no outright insults please. No personal attacks are allowed either.

While we'll be tolerant of violators and issue warnings when lines are crossed, repeat violations will lead to outright bans from participation at Raw Charge.

All right, enough of the Editor-Plays-Administrator thing... It's a game night!... Or will be sometime soon. You can find the relevant game day threads for the season in the story stream this article is asscoiated with! Just click!