2017 NHL playoffs: Scores, highlights and Canada’s 0-5 start

Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto have yet to win a playoff game this season.

Last night, all the teams that were expected to win, won. Good job on predicting things, media! One interesting storyline to watch is that playoff teams have had pretty good production from their bottom-line grinders. Tom Wilson and Tanner Glass have scored the game-winning goals for their teams.

Also, if you need a team to bandwagon, the CBC has you covered. (If you vote against “youth,” you'll avoid the Maple Leafs and Edmonton, just FYI.)

Last night’s stirring video was undoubtedly from the Maple Leafs. They rewound their season, literally.

Last night's scores and video recaps

Washington 3, Leafs 2, OT

Nashville 1, Chicago 0

Anaheim 3, Calgary 2

Tonight's schedule

Columbus Blue Jackets at Pittsburgh Penguins, 7:00 PM

New York Rangers at Montreal Canadiens, 7:00 PM

St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild, 8:00 PM

San Jose Sharks at Edmonton Oilers, 10:30 PM