And freeze: Lightning dads do the Mannequin Challenge

The dads have some fun during the Bolts dads trip.

The dads of the Lightning players have joined them on this road trip. They started from Philadelphia, where they saw Andrei Vasilevskiy backstop the Bolts to a 3-0 shutout — a great way to start (and maybe a good explanation for the winning game?) to the roadie.

Their shirts are brand-spanking new jerseys ready to be put on:

Aww, dads and dad-figures:

Rookie dads, taking it all in. Hey “Number 2” dad...

Dads waiting for the game to start, enjoying some snacks

Now it’s off to Nashville!

To take in the pregame, the dads take part in the Mannequin Challenge, the viral video trend that hasn’t quite caught on in the NHL as much as other sports. But we saw the Ducks do it, the Sharks kinda did it, but we love this version the best of course!

How do you pregame? Because the #BoltsDads enjoy a good ol' #MannequinChallenge.

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What we really want to know is: Which BAMF dad is shotgunning that beer??