Be responsible

I'm just running across a few Tampa Bay "Fans" (read: people rooting for Tampa Bay and those who haven't necessarily been following the team more than a season) who have been running smack on both Calgary Flames forums and in Philadelphia Flyers forums.

Frankly I think this is low class and I apologize on behalf of the few and the proud Tampa Bay fans who actually stuck with this team since their inception, through the dark days of the franchise and to this point in time. There IS the fact Tampa has the rivalry with Philly between two sports that would cause more gloating in front of Flyers fans, but I have absolutely no qualms with Calgary fans and neither should any Tampa Bay fans.

Many of those on the Tampa Bay forums and newsgroups don't venture into others forums... nor do they tend to run smack in other forums. Most of those fans that do post have been through the down times of this team and realize there is nothing to take for granted with the Stanley Cup run of this team. Anyone who does is either a bandwagon fan or just a troll that comes out of the woodwork when any certain team loses.

So, on behalf of Tampa Bay Lightning fans, I apologize for any idiots that post on others forums or newsgroups - gloating. I also ask that other Lightning fans not run smack or gloat. Be responsible... Would YOU have liked it if the Bolts had lost in the EC Final? (or would you have been running Smack in the Lightning forums / newsgroups, claiming to be a Flyers fan?)