Bobby Hull and the WHA headed to Tampa

I was made aware this week about the WHA Super Juniors hoping to base their operations out of Florida... I decided to ask around and had people telling me that they've only heard whispers of rumors and things like that, not solid stuff.

I got solid stuff for you now.

Bobby Hull and others will be descending on Tampa Bay this upcoming week and the WHA will be hosting tryouts at the Tampa Bay Skating Academy in Oldsmar this Sunday from 1 to 3 PM (this coincides tryouts in Canada on Saturday night and Sunday morning).

The league will be six teams and from the looks of things, the SEJHL has been totally swallowed up by the WHASJ (plus the SEJHL web site returns a 403 forbidden error). The Ellenton Eels are not one of the franchises as they were having difficulty staying afloat as was.

None of this -- the WHA ties -- comes as a surprise if you look at who is the father of the S.E.J.H.L. Dave Beaudin is son of WHA alumnus Norm Beaudin...