Chicago and the #1 Pick reports that Chicago is aggressively trying to capture the #1 pick in Saturday's draft in order to get Alexander Ovechkin...


I'm not against trading the #1 pick if the right deal came along, so Washington trading the #1 for a slew of picks and players would be a great deal for them in order to help the rebuilding process take root.

The :rolleyes was for Chicago which is in a dismal situation with a faded fanbase, a no-name roster and an owner who is known both for pinching pennies and being out-of-touch with reality (not broadcasting a single home game in an effort to boost attendance?! Give me a break!). Getting a franchise player instead of rebuilding the team with their picks and prospects.... Well, it's just setting things up for a repeat if Ovechkin is as good as he's made out to be -- a player that will be traded when he costs too much and doesn't have talent surrounding him. anyway.

For Chicago's sake, I don't make the deal... but then again, this is a ruthless business and if Washington can suck the 'Hawks further dry - so be it.