Dan Patrick seems convinced there will be a team in Vegas soon

Adding another sourced report to the one that has been questioned in the Vancouver Province, NBC's Dan Patrick has reported that the NHL will be in Las Vegas by 2016.

That doesn't seem to agree with reports coming from the league that they have nothing imminent on the expansion front, and 2016 is just two short years away.

But while the league scoffed at the expansion speculation, Patrick suggests that the Las Vegas team might come via relocation rather than expansion, naming the Carolina Hurricanes and Arizona Coyotes as teams that might potentially be moved.

Dan Patrick might not be Darren Dreger or Bob McKenzie, but ignoring reports from non-traditional sources has proven to be problematic in the past. Tampa Bay Lightning fans in particular will recall that the first source to report on the Martin St. Louis trade was Boomer Esiason, who is not typically known for his reliable hockey news-breaking.